Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Buy Car Plat Number from JPJ (Bagaimana membeli Nombor Pendaftaran Kenderan daripada JPJ)

It was never occurred to me that I would buy a car plate number until a friend of mine who is working in West Malaysia asked me for a favor. He told me that hiring a runner would cost him up to RM500-RM800 including JPJ charge & runner fees.

I found out that JPJ website does not provide such info. I had no choice apart from googling for the info which I found very limited.

Here are the process u have to go through (which I found very easy):

1. Documents to bring if the car is under your name:
(a) Your I/c

If you are buying on behalf of someone else:
(a) His/her copy of I/c
(b) Consent letter signed by the applicant saying he/she gives you the consent to buy on his/her behalf. Just a simple self-draft letter will do.

Make sure u have some options apart from your preferred numbers. Just in case, your first choice is not available. You can check the registration numbers available on the screen while awaiting for your turn. At the counter later, the officer will check the number availability.

2. Upon arrival at JPJ office, get the form (cant recall the name of the form, but just tell the receptionist that u want to get a car registration number). If you are buying the number under your own name, fill up your name, I/c no, mailing address, contact number & sign.

If you are buying on behalf of someone else (in my case), you will be directed to another counter together with other runners (company representatives). This is a bit annoying as you may find out later that the turnaround time is loner per person since every runner may have on average 10 numbers to register. It's a good money since they charge runner fees around RM200++ per number to their client.

Nevermind, apart from that the process is very simple. Once you get the form from receptionist, fill up the applicant's details (not your own details since you are buying on someone else) & you sign the form. Later the officer will check the number availability & print on your form & ask you to speak to Pengarah JPJ. It's just a short interview (less than 5 mins) which you need to tell him/her that you friend can't come because of work etc & show the consent letter. If everything is fine (which I cant think of any circumstances which it will be rejected), the Pengarah will approve & sign the form.

3. Bring the approved form to the counter, u may not need to get a new queue number just bring your previous number & pay to the same officer your dealt previously.

Now, the officer will give you the receipt indicating your NEW CAR PLATE NUMBER. Bring this receipt to your car dealer for them to do the registration for your new car.

AND, it's done.

Here are the charges:

RM210 - These are the current running numbers made available. You can refer to the JPJ website for the current running number.

RM310 - Popular numbers such as 1010 & such, 21, 24, 87, 969. Most of the times, these numbers are taken during tender process held a month earlier. I will write on this later.

Via tender - Golden numbers such as 1-9, 11,22,33...99. The highest bidder for the number will get it. This can go as much as RM100k.

That's all. If you can spare 1 hour during weekdays, u may want to save hundreds of your hard earned cash by doing it yourself.

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